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About Us

          Coast 2 Coast Rapp: Music Marketing Service

We are a very dynamic music video marketing and promotion website and were founded in 1994. We have a wide collection of Hip Hop and Rap videos from all over the world. Coast 2 Coast Rapp started as a Hip Hop Video Show for TV and is copyrighted. 

Rap and Hip Hop genres of music are one of the fastest growing music industries and we have thus taken a huge leap across the world and our website seeks to ensure people get access to all these videos. We also give a platform for people to submit music videos that are their own, whereby producers may view and like the artists and their content, and also for critics to judge and comment on them. We will be providing access for you to view videos from all over the globe.  

We do have the right experience in providing access to all the videos on Hip Hop and Rap music in the world as well as presenting a platform to launch raw Hip Hop and Rap talent. 

We are an International company as we are on the Internet which has a worldwide base. The most fulfilling part of the company is that we produce Hip Hop and Rap videos from all over the world for fans of these genres of music. We then present them here for you to view them and no other company does music marketing services better. 

We also enable people to share their own videos and thus launch their careers. The mission of Coast 2 Coast Rapp is to become the biggest Hip Hop and Rap video website in the world.
You can rest assured that we understand what good music is all about and we are ready to help you all the way in order to advance in your music career. Putting your trust in our ability will prove to be the best decision ever both for you and your music.