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More than Just music Marketing Services, a Rap and Hip Hop Showcase

At Coast 2 Coast Rapp, we enable people to view their favorite Hip Hop and Rap videos as well as providing general music video marketing online. 

We also provide upcoming artists of Hip Hop and Rap music with the opportunity to meet producers who may spot their talent from the videos that are submitted by the various artists and uploaded onto the site. This will help in launching their careers and help them get their songs produced by professional producers. The artists are also able to hear from various critics that are able to comment on their videos. This interaction will provide a platform that stimulates artists to produce their best work in order to make it in the competitive Hip Hop and Rap industry. 

Our website offers music marketing services for these new artists and videos and also for some of the most established artists in the industry.
We seek to introduce new artists to the market and also inform the whole industry about well known artists and the projects they may be working on. In order to achieve this, we run blogs everyday about the various artists and their projects. 

We also hold interviews to shed more light on the various artists that we feature. 

In short, we are all about music. Whether you are a musician or a fan of Hip Hop and Rap music, then this is the place that you ought to be. Get the best from us and you will be left with nothing but satisfaction at the end of the day